Buchbilder – a way with books

Books are more than just printed paper. Books invite you to enter foreign worlds, they open up new perspectives, allow surprising insights and stimulate fantasy.


Some books take us by storm and become so important to us that we don’t want them to collect dust on a shelf. We want to give them a place of honour where they can shine brightly.

Buchbilder („book pictures“) offer a new way of approaching a medium that, even after 5000 years, has lost nothing of its charm. Built into a handcrafted frame the book becomes a unique work of art, fusing contents and design.

Discover the sensuality of this new approach to the book and feel the magic that comes from the natural way in which Buchbilder seem to combine past and future.


Buchbilder – the book as art

Traditional bookbinding

Bound by hand using a range of natural materials such as leather, wood, linen cloth and paper, each Buchbild becomes an individual art work.


Every Buchbild is handcrafted: from the making and painting of the frame, the preparing of the book block, the cutting and covering of the bookboards to the final product.

Every Buchbild is unique and can be tailormade to your specifications.

New forms of presentation

Choose a new form of presentation for your personal
book to preserve invaluable family papers such as letters,
poems, your biography, your company's history, or a
wedding book.

Buchbilder are the creation of Emily and Andreas Paersch
and are a new development on the international book
market. The creative team has its headquarters close to Mainz,
Germany - the city of Johannes Gutenberg, who famously
invented moveable type in 1436.

The Team

Emily and Andreas Paersch
Emily and Andreas Paersch

Emily Paersch worked as a journalist for more almost 20 years. In 2003 she founded the biography workshop Lebensatlas („life atlas“) where she helps private individuals write down the history of their own lives. Born and raised in Mainz, the city of Johannes Gutenberg, she has been fascinated by books from early childhood.

She gained her bookbinding know-how from a highly regarded bookbinder in Mainz. Her enthusiasm for creative work was ignited during an apprenticeship in stage design that she completed at the state theatre in Mainz. The production of Buchbilder gives her the opportunity to combine her two passions, books and art.

More about Emily Paersch at www.paersch.de

Andreas Paersch is a marketing and internet expert. He took up carpentry to counterbalance the stress of his work. He has been fascinated by the look and feel of wood for years. Some of his furniture pieces have found a place in the book workshop.

His hobby is coming up with new ideas. He is especially fond of those ideas that turn traditional marketing strategies upside down, or those which open up new markets. He also loves products that have undergone a radical redesign or those that offer unusual price models. All the book frames are made by him.

More about Andreas Paersch at www.paersch.com